Harrow Harvest Café & Catering

Harrow Harvest Café is one of our local central points for the community and visitors of Harrow, with our new Owner/Operators Randall and Tara taking over the reins since Boxing Day 2016 bringing a fresh new flavour to the town. The Café is open from 9am until 9pm daily with a mixtures of Breakfast’s, morning and afternoon Tea’s, Lunches, Dinners and even that snack or coffee inbetween. Harrow Harvest also caters for functions large or small including shearing meals upon request. The store also has an Australia Post Department and conducts bookings for campers at the Johnny Mullagh Park Reserve.

Contact Information

34-36 Blair Stree, Harrow, Vic 3317

Email: harrow.harvest.food@gmail.com