Harrow, Victoria, Australia

Useful contacts

Harrow Discovery Centre and Johnny Mullagh Interpretive Centre

phone 03 5588 1387      email discover.harrow@gmail.com

– home of Johnny Mullagh and the First XI

– booking centre for Harrow by Night – Sound and Light Show

-Contact for initial information for Mullagh Championship weekend & Tussock Jumpers Ball

Harrow Promotion and Development Group

email harrowhappenings@gmail.com

– organisers of the Harrow Horsemanship Challenge

– publisher of the Harrow Happenings

Harrow Bush Nursing Centre

phone 03 5588 2000 email operationsadmin@hbnc.org.au

– Harrow’s own health services provider

– regular GP clinics and allied health services, community programs

Harrow National Bush Billycarts committee

phone 03 5588 1387 email discover.harrow@gmail.com

Tussock Jumpers BnS Ball

phone 03 5588 1387   email discover.harrow@gmail.com

Harrow Historical Society

phone 03 5588 1286

Barton Garden Club

email salterdp@optusnet.com.au